D. Richard Tucker, Seattle-Based Playwright

Undiscovered Places

There are undiscovered places in your heart, 

Caverns and cracks and crevices 

That you never knew existed, 

Until the day you loved your own child. 

And then the world opened 

And the pride, the joy, the love and grief 

Flooded your heart to fill those empty spaces. 

                                                - Janet Marshall Ewing

Dan struggles to deal with his wife Greta’s grief over losing her only son. Having never had children, Dan begins to question his life, when an ex-girlfriend shows up and tells him that he’s the father of her twenty-eight year old daughter. Dan tries to become a part of her life, in an attempt to make up for lost time and create the father/child bond he never knew he wanted. 


DAN Morris, M, 49 

GRETA Morris, F, 42, his wife 

THE BOY, M, late teens, GRETA’s dead child 

CANDICE Anderson, F, 48, DAN’s ex-girlfriend 

JULIE Anderson, F, 28, DAN’s daughter, a helicopter pilot 

Time: June - September 2010 

Setting: Various locations depicted by one or two pieces of furniture. 

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