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Two Angels

 Dayla joins the Liberation movement in order to fight the oppressors, but quickly becomes drawn into the covert operations of the revolutionaries. When her friend Jessa is selected to become a suicide bomber, will Dayla embrace the tenets of the movement or reject their radical philosophy? 

Cast of Characters 

MARIAH, F, (24), supporter of the insurgency, holding pent up anger 

DAYLA , F, (19), a young girl who feels oppressed by her father’s control 

JESSA, F, (21), volunteering to be a suicide bomber

DISPATCHER, M, (30 - 40), cold and calculating, rarely loses his temper, 

                 focused, but not malevolent, totally dedicated to the mission

HOLLOWAY, M, (45), Dayla’s father, conservative family man, runs a laundromat 

LAMAR, M, (25), wants to be a Dispatcher someday. 

     Also plays COLLABORATOR, M, non-speaking role (can also be played by stage hand) 

Time: the present 

Setting: An unnamed country. All locations are represented by a few pieces of furniture 

Script Sample Download

For Production Licensing information or a full copy of the script, please contact then playwright at WriteDaveTucker @ Yahoo.com

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