D. Richard Tucker, Seattle-Based Playwright

THUGS: A Mafia Farce


A Mafia farce inspired by Goldoni’s “Servant of Two Masters.” It’s 1929 and our two not-so-bright thugs have been banished from Chicago’s gangland community to hide out in the lazy town of Shady Groves. Penniless and hungry, they hatch a plan to gain employment as bodyguards from two strangers, both of whom are disguised as Anthony Sartori paying a visit to the local Mafia Dons to collect money on a gambling debt. Now they have to keep the two bosses from finding out about each other, which becomes more complicated when the impostors ignite the rage of both crime bosses and are forced to put out contract on each other. Added to this are the feuding crime lords’ lovesick children and an effeminate hit man, resulting in a whirlwind of mistaken identity.



MAMA Risotto, the owner of the local sidewalk cafe (F, 40 or older)

JULIA Cappuccino, in love with Romy (F, 18-25)

ROMY Montecarlo, the poetic lover, in love with Julia (M, 18-25)

GINA Sartori, disguised as a man, her brother Anthony (F, 25-35)

LOUIE, an unemployed thug (M, 30-45)

VITO, another unemployed thug (M, 30-45)

JOEY Testeroni, disguised as Anthony Sartori (M, 25-35)

Don CAPPUCCINO, a crime lord, father of Julia (M, 40 or older)

Don MONTECARLO, a crime lord, the father of Romy (M, 40 or older)

The SHARK, an effeminate hit man (M, 25-40)

Setting: Shady Groves, Illinois, a small town outside Chicago, in the spring of 1929.

Set description: A sidewalk café, with two tables and a café entrance next to a hotel entrance with a park bench.

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