D. Richard Tucker, Seattle-Based Playwright


The Law of the Sea

It's 1855 in New York and Fergus and his pals have returned from South America after a shipwreck, having lost some dear friends and good companions.  They try to adjust to life after the catastrophe, but the horror of the event still haunts them.

Lamenting over the death of his good friend Andrew, Fergus is surprised to hear that Andrew's widow has come to the city to find out more about Andrew's death.  What is he going to tell her?

PTSD is not a new condition, and the characters of this play show how it affects the lives of those who suffer from it.

I admit this play is just under an hour long, so some may not consider it a full evening's entertainment.  Even so, the crafting of this play provides a carefully groomed story, leading the audience to mentally revisit the questions for days after the performance.  

This story touches on each man's humanity and how we suffer to survive after losing those around us.


CAST (4M, 1F)

Fergus Hays, M, 32

Bertram Latimer, M, 30

Darby Kilpatrick, M, 24

Elizabeth Irving, F, 30

George Jenkins, M, 40’s

   Also plays Reverend Cole, M, 40’s

Time: 1855.

Setting: New York. Various locations depicted by one or two pieces of furniture.

Scene 1 Train car (represented by a bench)

Scene 2 Pub (represented by a table with chairs)

Scene 3  Church (represented by a bench)

Scene 4 Pub

Scene 5  Church

Scene 6 Pub

Scene 7 Pub

Scene 8  Church

If an intermission is needed, it may be placed between Scenes 5 and 6.

Based on production needs, the roles of GEORGE and COLE may be combined or played by two actors.

Script Download

 A sample of the script maybe downloaded here. The full script is available by writing the author at WriteDaveTucker @ Yahoo.com 

LAWoftheSEAweb (pdf)