D. Richard Tucker, Seattle-Based Playwright


Othello Undercover

I was always impressed with the British farces that relied heavily on mistaken identities and secrets.  Unfortunately, most of them included a strong dose of marital infidelity, as well.

This was my attempt to capture the clever humor, all the while side-stepping the unfaithful spouses, and create a farce that only flirted with the aspects of these comedies I found distasteful.

Larry is a school teacher on summer vacation and intent on performing in the local theatre production of Othello.  His wife Rita, however, is adamant that he will do no such thing, as his theatre experiences are always unpleasant because of his obsessive outlook on the art.  Helped by his actor friend Cody, Larry auditions and is cast as Iago, without Rita's knowledge.  He keeps his involvement a secret, but his suspicious behavior leads Rita to believe that he is having an affair, so she hires a private detective to investigate. 



Larry Moore - A school teacher and amateur actor.

Rita Moore - His wife, an information systems professional, slightly younger than Larry.

Cody Burke -A friend of the family, aspiring actor, slightly younger than Larry.

Chelsea - An actress.

Mitchell Lyons - A modern private investigator. He does not were a suit and fedora.


The present. Mid-June


The Moore family living room / dining room combination.

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