D. Richard Tucker, Seattle-Based Playwright

I Cannot Say REVOCO: The Dissenting Voice of Martin Luther

This addresses Martin Luther's life in three areas:

  • The attempt to gain the love of his own father
  • The fight against a corrupt government
  • and the attempt to fully embrace the love of his Heavenly Father.

Rather than featuring a full biography of the man, this play concentrates on Martin Luther’s protests that led to his ninety-five theses and the changes that snowballed into the Protestant Reformation.  The play’s theme recounts the historic events focusing on the timeless tale of a lone dissenting voice in a corrupt political organization.  By showing these historical figures as real personalities, the play also carries the social theme of the son seeking for his father’s approval and the spiritual theme of the understanding of God as the heavenly father. 


CAST (7 M, 1 F)

MARTIN Luther, religious scholar, German, 34 years old 

HANS Luther, his father, German

      also plays Johann von ECK, religious scholar, German

Johann von TETZEL, priest, German

      also plays MAN #1 

      also plays George, MARGRAVE of Brandenburg

Johann von STAUPITZ, Augustinian monk, Luther’s mentor, German

      also plays MAN #3 

      also plays PRIEST, metaphorical representative of Clergy in the Peasant War

      also plays LANDGRAVE, German royal.

Cardinal CAJETAN, High ranking Catholic official, Italian 

      also plays Andreas von KARLSTADT, Church reformer, German 

      also plays CHARLES, Holy Roman Emperor, Spanish 

Karl von MILTITZ, Low ranking official of the Church, German

      also plays MAN #2 

      also plays Thomas MUENTZER, leader of the Peasant rebellion, German

      also plays FERDINAND, Regent to Emperor, Spanish 

      also plays NOBLEMAN, German noble

PHILIPP Melanchthon, young teacher and protégé to Luther, German

KATHARINAvon Bora, former nun and Luther’s wife, German, 26 years old

This shows the preferred method of casting, however directors may use their own discretion and add additional performers to minimize double-casting.

Time:  1517 through 1530

Setting:  Various locations in Germany and Rome

Script Download

For a full copy of the script or licensing inquiries, please contact the playwright at WriteDaveTucker @ Yahoo.com

REVOCO web (pdf)