D. Richard Tucker's plays have been produced from Seattle to South Africa, and include a mixture of genres, from the farcical Othello Undercover, to the gut-wrenching drama Duty, Honor, Profit, the story of the highest ranking officer to die in the Iraq War. Tucker also wrote the book, lyrics and co-wrote the score for THUGS: A Musical Mafiasco, a collaboration with composer Kim Douglass, which will be revived in April of 2014 by the Driftwood Players, in Edmonds, WA.

Tucker's writing career shifted into high gear in the summer of 2002.  After accruing extensive experience as an actor and director, Tucker decided to dedicate his time to writing, as it was something he could do without waiting for the rest of the cast to arrive. Tucker began writing under the name “Dave Tucker,” but
was forced to find a new pen name upon discovery that there are more than 1400 other Dave Tuckers out there, of which thirty-eight percent are playwrights.

D. Richard Tucker
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"If writing is so hard, how come Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have Oscars?"  Peter Dragon