D. Richard Tucker, Playwright

Anchor Baby, a comedy by D. Richard Tucker

First Produced in May of 2012 by Dukesbay Productions of Tacoma, WA.  Directed by Randy Clark

Bobby Anchor holds is a citizen of two countries: the USA and the tiny island nation of Mehlot, where Bobby lives with his wife Alita, a Mehlotti native, who is pregnant with the couple’s first child. Bobby’s parents arrive from Philadelphia after the downturn in the US economy has left them unemployed and homeless, and after moving in with Bobby and his wife, quickly set about "Americanizing" the island nation. Now Bobby is torn between his love for his parents and his commitment to his wife, and their tiny country.

Tiny island country of Mehlot. City of Berajool.

The year 2011

One set - the home of Bobby and Alita Anchor

Runtime:  100 minutes with intermission

CAST (3M, 4F)


ALITA Anchor, F, (25), Mehlotti native, married to Bobby, pregnant


BOBBY Anchor, M, (25), Caucasian, news anchor


JACK Anchor, M, (45+), Caucasian, Bobby’s father


PHYLLIS Anchor, (45+), Caucasian, Bobby’s mother


CHARLENE Anchor, (17), Caucasian, Bobby’s sister


One Male native who plays the following roles:

                                    HANDY MAN, M, any age, native

LONGO, 30+, M, native

                                    STONER, M, 20ish, native

                                    MR. OHNDUI, Alita’s father, M, 45+, native

                                    KABOOTAY, a factory worker, M, any age, native

REPORTER, 30+, M, native


One Female native who plays the following roles:

                                    MAIL CARRIER, F, any age, native

MARITA, F, 25-35, native

                                    TEEN girl, F, mid to late teens, native

                                    ELLIE, a maid in training, F, 20 – 30, native

MRS. OHNDUI, Alita’s mother, F, 45+, native

MAMOOKI, a factory worker, F, any age, native

ACCUPUNCTURIST, F, any age, native

SUSANNA Hawwaneek, political candidate, F, 45+, native

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