D. Richard Tucker, Playwright


A story of love, loss, and parenthood.

There are undiscovered places in your heart,

Caverns and cracks and crevices

That you never knew existed,

Until the day you loved your own child. 


Winner of the 2013 Bill and Peggy Hunt Playwrights Festival sponsored by Burien Little Theatre

Dan, nearing fifty and never having had children, is unable to understand his wife's grief over the loss of her teen-aged son.  Questioning himself on whether or not being a parent is a requirement for a successful adult, Dan suddenly finds he has an adult daughter, and this discovery sets him on the parental journey, complete with its hardships and joys.

Runtime:  100 minutes with intermission

Set:  Blackbox with various locations depicted by one or two piece of furniture.

Time:  June - September 2010


DAN, M, 49
GRETA, F, 42, his wife
CANDICE, F, 49, Dan's college girlfirend
JULIE, F, 28, Candice's daughter
THE BOY, M, 16

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