D. Richard Tucker, Playwright

If Spiders Made Honey by D. Richard Tucker

Camille is an associate editor for the Southern Voices of Color Literary Awards, and her younger brother Derek is dying of Leukemia. Derek has asked Camille to track down Joanie Huneycutt, a cancer patient who has inspired thousands by posting her experiences in an internet blog. By following Joanie’s writings, Derek has been able to keep his chin up during his current battle with his disease.

It’s time to award the annual winner of the Voices of Color first time novelist competition, recognizing a new book which promotes the plight of African-Americans in the USA. “Harvest of Memories” by Lindsey P. Wilson looks like a sure winner, but when the staff finds out that Lindsey Wilson is a white man who emigrated from South Africa, the award is revoked, spurring a legal battle that sends Camille to Little Rock, in an attempt to appease Wilson, as well as find Joanie Huneycutt.

The story twists, however, when Camille finds herself on the brink of meeting Joanie, only to find evidence that shows Joanie may not even exist. This story explores the relationship of art and the artist – is the value of art dependent on the artist who produced it?


Cast of Characters - 4M, 4F or 5M, 6F (depending on double-casting)


DEREK, male, 23, African American, suffering from leukemia, and enthusiastically

            following the exploits of the internet icon, Joanie Hunneycutt

CAMILLE, female, 25- 35, African American, Derek’s sister and staff member of Voices

of Color

JUDY, female, 25-35, CAMILLE ‘s associate and friend

RJ, male, 35 +, CAMILLE’s boss

PAUL, male, 40+, Writer and professor, speaks in a South African accent

DEBORAH, female, 30 +, Nurse, compassionate, but professional

also plays

LUCY , female, 25+, Radio talk show host

ANDY, male 25 – 35, Newspaper reporter and friend of Camille’s

also plays

CHUCK, male, 25 +, Radio talk show host

SHELBY, female, early 20’s, receptionist, has a slight Southern accent

                        also plays

BRENDA, female, early 20’s

 Time:  The present

 Memphis and Little Rock.  Locations should be represented by a piece or two of furniture.  A realistic set is not necessary.

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The characters DEREK and CAMILLE are intended to be African-American, but if necessary, they can be cast as any race and the last three lines of Ac t I, Scene 7 can be deleted to accommodate this.


DOUBLE-CASTING:  Directors may choose to cast 8 to 11 actors.  The parts of DEBORAH/LUCY, ANDY/CHUCK, and SHELBY/BRENDA are intended to allow three actors to play six roles, however, the director may prefer to have a larger cast.




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