D. Richard Tucker, Playwright

THUGS: A Mafia Farce by D. Richard Tucker

A Mafia farce inspired by Goldoni's Servant of Two Masters, two thugs are banished form Chicago's gangland community and find work in the lazy town of Shady Groves, as body guards for a man and a woman, both disguised as the late Anthony Sartori.  Added to this are two feuding crime lords, their lovesick children, and an effeminate hit man, resulting in a whirlwind of mistaken identity.  This is the original play, which was later developed into THUGS: A Musical Mafiasco.

Single set.  Two tables outside of a sidewalk cafe and a bench outside a hotel.  Time:  Spring 1929

Run time 90 minutes.


MAMA Risotto, owner of the local sidewalk cafe' (F, 40 or older)
JULIA Cappuccino  (F, 18-25)
ROMY Montecarlo (M, 18-25)
GINA Sartori, disguised as her brother Anthony (F, 25-35)
LOUIE, an unemployed thug (M, 30-45)
VITO, another unemployed thug, (M 30-45)
JOEY Testeroni, disguised as Anthony Sartori (M, 25-35)
Don CAPPUCCINO, a crime lord and father to Julia (M, 40 or older)
Don MONTECARLO, a crime lord and father to Romy (M, 40 or older)
The SHARK, an effeminate hit man (M, 25-40)

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Pigeon Players do THUGS 

Louie (Paul Trask), Gina (Wendy Kissane), and Vito (Tom Shamrell)
from the California premiere by the Pigeon Players of San Jose.


The Shark (Sean Childers), Louie, (Greg Klinker), and Vito (Scott Crist) from the premiere
at Burien Live Theatre.

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