D. Richard Tucker, Playwright

Othello Undercover by D. Richard Tucker

Larry is a school teacher on summer vacation and intent on performing in a local production of Othello.  His wife Rita, however, is adamant that he do no such thing, as his theatre experiences are always unpleasant because of his obsessive outlook on art.  Helped by his actor friend, Cody, Larry auditions and is cast without Rita's knowledge.  He keeps his involvement secret and designs his own "kiss-up" plan to prep Rita for the time when he'll have to reveal his secret.
Rita comes home unexpectedly and overhears Larry rehearsing with fellow cast member Chelsea and suspects Larry of cheating on her. She hires a bumbling private detective to to investigate, but a case of mistaken identity and Larry's suspicions that Rita may also be having an affair only make matters worse. 

Run time: 110 minutes.


Larry Moore (M, 25-45)
Rita Moore (F, 25-40)
Cody Burke (M, 25-35)
Chelsea (F, 25-35)
Mitchell Lyons (M, 30-50)


The present.  Mid June.


Moore family living room/dining room combination.  One set.

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From L - R:  Michelle Patrick Dean (Rita), Terrence Boyd (Larry), Anna-Marie Devine (Chelsea), Michael Giles (Cody
Seated:  Silas Lindenstein (
Mitchell Lyons). 

Cast of

Directed by Silas Lindenstein, this play won first place in the full length category for the 2004 Hunt Playwrights Festival in Burien, WA.

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