D. Richard Tucker, Playwright

THUGS:  A Musical Mafiasco

Music by
Kim Douglass
D. Richard Tucker

Book and lyrics by
D. Richard Tucker

Composer Kim Douglass


It’s 1929, and two thugs banished from Chicago's gangland community
find work in the lazy town of Shady Groves as bodyguards for a man
and a woman, both disguised as the late Anthony Sartori.  Added to this
are two feuding crime lords, their lovesick children, and an effeminate
hit man, resulting in a whirlwind of mistaken identity.  This farcical look
at organized crime is laughter you cannot refuse. 

Songs and Lyrics                                                                          Video Trailer

MAMA Risotto the owner of the local sidewalk café,  a  woman with attitude who doesn’t take flack from anybody.  MEZZO  
JULIA Cappuccino a young girl in love with Romy, a spoiled little rich girl, but very grounded. She’s in love, possibly more with the idea of being in love, but knows that she and her boyfriend have no future.  SOPRANO  
ROMY Montecarlo the poetic lover, in love with Julia, the hopeless romantic, speaks in a poetic prose and moves about in a graceful, almost ballet-like manner.   classical character stuck in a modern world. He is deeply in love with Julia.  TENOR  
GINA Sartori disguised as a man, her brother Anthony. She’s smart and has to be to get away with this impersonation. MEZZO  
LOUIE an unemployed thug, not overly bright, he is ruled by his stomach. Not very tough, actually kind of sensitive and simple-minded.   BARITONE  
VITO another unemployed thug. He speaks in a stilted manner, mainly because he thinks it makes him sound smart.   TENOR/HIGH BARITONE  
JOEY Testeroni disguised as Anthony Sartori, Gina’s boyfriend. Joey is a tough guy, a mobster - his only fault: he’s crazy about Gina.  TENOR/HIGH BARITONE  
Don CAPPUCCINO crime lord , father of Julia. Insecure and annoyed that people think less of him than they do Don Montecarlo.   BARITONE/BASS  
Don MONTECARLO a crime lord , the father of Romy. The big man in town.   TENOR/HIGH BARITONE  
The SHARK an effeminate hit man. He has a sense of danger about him, but can also be very flamboyant.   TENOR/HIGH BARITONE  

Setting: Shady Groves, Illinois, a small town outside Chicago, 1929.
A sidewalk café represented by two tables with chairs and a café entrance,
next to a hotel entrance and
park bench. One set.

Copyright (c)2009 D. Richard Tucker, Playwright & JustHost.com