D. Richard Tucker, Playwright

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from THUGS:  A Musical Mafiasco  by Kim Douglass and D. Richard Tucker
featuring Mark Banton and Christian Doyle

SONG:  PUT HIM ON ICE                  CAPPUCINO and SHARK


            I have heard Of your stellar reputation

            And I know about your treacherous career

            I know you’ve had your share of

           Ugly problems to take care of

           And you’re known for making troubles disappear.

           And you’ll do it completely

           And very discretely


           Though not very cheaply


            I’m getting to that.

You’ll knock off a stoolie Who gets too unrulY


And ever so cooly



Get rid of the rat.


I need for you to get rid of somebody

I need to push this problem out of town.  

His presence makes me worry

So I need for you to hurry.

And put this low-life six feet under ground.


You can sack him and crush him

Or hack him and hush him

Or smack him and flush him Or give him the gas.

You can drop him and snuff him

Or pop him and cuff him.

Or stop him and stuff him Or just shoot his ass.



I can see you are good at solving problems

But I can’t say that I like your cruel excess.

All your ways seem very brutal

And these extras can be futile

And I think I’d rather try to use finesse.



You can crunch him and smash him,

Or punch him and trash him,

Or munch him and splash him, Like you need advice.

You can knock him and rock him

Or sock him and clock him

Or shock him and crock him Just put him on ice.



I suppose we could just go wash his laundry

And omit the fabric soft’ner from the wash.

Then his clothes would be all scratchy

His complexion would get patchy.

And that’s sure to do away with his panache.



You can whack him and smack him

Or even attack him

Or crack him and sack him To be more precise.

You can bump him and dump him

Or just stomach pump him

Or thump him and trump him, Just put him on -



I can think of a better way to do it.                           

You Can call a decorator, I presume.

Find a guy who’s good with flooring

We can pay for some restoring

And install shag carpet in his living room.



Look, I need this taken care of  - permanently.


            You can chill him and stack him

Or grill him and whack him

Or slice him up pretty Like Julienne fries.

You can meet him and beat him

Or drag-down-the-street him

Or. even concrete him Just put him on –



I suggest that we just give him a spanking-

And apply a paddle to his precious buns-



            Do you think that that would do it?



Maybe not, but let’s pursue it,

For a spanking is assured to be great fun.


I don’t think I’m getting through to you.



Oh, for crying out loud!  You made your point, all right?



I can slap him and stroke him

Or tap him and soak him

Or zap him and smoke him If you pay the price.

I can pleat him and beat him

Or simply delete him.

Or even concrete him Just put him on ice.


            You can sack him and crush him 



Or hack him and hush him  



            Or use an amazing Explosive device.



I can drop him and snuff him  



            Or pop him and cuff him.



Or stop him and stuff him  



Just put him on ice.



                                    SHARK                                                                      CAPPUCCINO

I  can                                                                      You can

Croak him and smash him,                         smash him,                                                                                 

Or poke him and trash him,                       trash him,            

Or kill him and slice him                            slice him            

Or grill him and dice him                           and dice him       

Or whack him and smack him                  smack him                                       

Or crack him and sack him                       sack him

Or bump him and dump him                         dump him

            Or just stomach-pump him                         pump him



knock him and rock him   



            sock him and clock him



meet him and beat him


            even concrete him.



slap him and stroke him                                 

Or zap him and choke him

or whack him and smack him

Or even attack him

Just put him on ice.


Copyright (c)2009 D. Richard Tucker, Playwright & JustHost.com