D. Richard Tucker, Playwright

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from THUGS:  A Musical Mafiasco  by Kim Douglass and D. Richard Tucker 
featuring Thaddeus Alexander and Julian Schrenzel  

You’ve fallen for a man?
SONG:  AM I SWISHY?                      ROMY and JOEY
I’ve never had this happen.
I felt my heart leap high.
Something touched me deeply 
with attraction for that guy.
Is this cause for worry?  Should I feel alarm?
Was I just admiring his rugged manly charm?
Or……Am I swishy?  
Am I destined to be so?  Am I swishy?
It’s like the whole world seems to know
That I am diff’rent. Not like the rest.
Could it be I’m just poetic and well-dressed?
Or am I swishy?
Is that why I speak this way?  I speak so swishy.
Like Hallmark cards on Mother’s Day.
I merely fancy A pretty phrase. 
Can it mean that deep inside I’m really gay?
So tell me truly, Do you think that I’m pathetic
If I show a Need to prance or wax poetic?
Does that make me A little nance?
Am I swishy?  
Do I have to turn to fellas for romance?
I wouldn’t worry.  I think you’re just over-reactive
To the first time  
You chanced to find a guy attractive.
I remember My college days.  
There was this campus hunk – 
but that was just a phase.
Most everybody Experiments in college.
Trying new things Is a practice we acknowledge,
But that doesn’t Make you a queen.
A swishy feeling’s Not enough to cause a scene.
So I’m not swishy?
Well, thank GOODNESS that’s good news.
Aw, forget it, It’s the least that I could do.
So that means I’m not really gay.
ROMY and JOEY      
I’m (You’re) as manly as      
John Wayne or Danny Kaye.

Copyright (c)2009 D. Richard Tucker, Playwright & JustHost.com