D. Richard Tucker, Playwright

Writer's Block by D. Richard Tucker

Comedy.  4M, 3F.  Jay and Mac are novelists, facing every writer's nightmare - a fast approaching deadline and a shortage of ideas.  When Edna, their agent,  tells them that she can only accept one manuscript, they struggle to produce one, even considering the idea of collaborating, but their writing styles and personalities clash in a humourous rush to the finish.  In the midst of their frustration, we are allowed to see the scenes from their novels play before us, as the fictional characters try to help out.

Run time;  30 minutes.

Simple set.


Jay, (30 – 50), novelist
Mac, (30 – 50) novelist
Edna (30 – 50 ), publishing agent
Shirley (20 – 50 ) waitress
Diego / Kidnapper / Lance – male (20 –40)
Maria/ Lady/ Doris – female (20 – 30)
Captain / Cop / Agent Taylor – male (30 – 50)

Scene one.  The mind of J. Noble Preston, novelist.
Scene two.  The local tavern.
Scene three. The mind of Dexter McQuayle, novelist.
Scene four. The local tavern.
Scene five.  The mind of J. Noble Preston, novelist.
Scene six.  The local tavern.
Scene seven.  Another fictional scenario.
Scene eight. The local tavern.

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