D. Richard Tucker, Playwright

Last Respects by D. Richard Tucker

Comedy 5M. 

Five friends.  Buddies.  They’ve been hanging together since elementary school.   They were inseparable in high school.  Through marriages, births, divorces and the occasional infidelity, Frank, Roy, Les, Chuck and Eddie have shared life’s ups and downs.  And now they stand at the threshold of middle age together.  Except Frank.  Who died.

Asked by Frank’s family to write a eulogy, the surviving four are stumped.  Unfortunately, there never was anything pleasant to say about Frank when he was alive, and now that he has passed on, what the heck are his only four friends supposed to say about him in a eulogy?  Besides lies?  Aided by an inebriated minister, they take a stab at it, but can't get past the fact that there's nothing good to say about Frank.


ROY   (35 – 50)
CHUCK  (35 – 50)
LES   (35 – 50)
EDDIE   (35 – 50)
Pastor MEEKS (40s – 70s)


Sc i      Pastor Meeks’ office (desk and chairs)
Sc ii     Local Tavern  (table and chairs)
Sc iii    Church, during funeral service  (pulpit w/ table and flower vase, five chairs)

TIME:  The present.
Run time:  30 minutes.

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