D. Richard Tucker, Playwright

Check, Please by D. Richard Tucker

Comedy.  4F, 2M. 

A tongue-in-cheek look at dating, as Ted attempts to find true love.  Our protagonist Ted goes on eight dates with each one being worse than the next, until he finally meets his deam-girl..  A strong piece for groups with a versatilefemale talent pool.  The script includes three male characters and eight female characters, but is ideally produced by double casting all ladies and Marty/Waiter.


Ted, our modern day "Everyman"
Pat, a superficial princess
Cheryl, the one with all the emotional baggage
Sonya,  a condescending snob
Tina, a bubble-headed husband hunter
Sherry, definitely trailer-trash
Linda, Sherry's girlfriend
Marty, Linda's reluctant date
Joyce, a grammar sheriff
Ellen, the dream date

One simple set: Restaurant interior represented by a single table.

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