D. Richard Tucker, Playwright

Figment by D. Richard Tucker

Jill's friend, Liza, has lost touch with reality and developed a new world of imaginary friends. Liza gets help from one of the college psychology professors and is now beginning to see the difference between fact and imagination. Jill, on the other hand, is concerned about the strange techniques the professor is using, so she pays him a visit . . . and gets a bigger surprise than she ever expected.

Script Number: 7059
ISBN: 1-60003-093-9
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 20 Minutes

Figment is published by Brooklyn Publishers.  To purchase a copy of the script or license performances, go to the Brooklyn Publishers website.  Just type "figment" into the field "Search by Play Title."

Cast-Male: 0
Cast-Female: 3
Flexible Cast: 1
Price: $5.25 /Script
Royalty: $30 /Performance
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